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Join the movement

Love gaming? So do we.

Have you ever taken pride in that? Now you definitely can.

We aim to create a style movement for gamers around the world. A movement centered around self-expression & awesomeness. A style that unites us as a recognizable community.

Behind every keyboard there is a beautiful human – show it. Post a photo with the hashtag #Likeagamer & tag us and we will feature you. Join the movement.

 P.S. – never knew what to buy a gamer or yourself? Now you do.

About us

eSports Gateway aims to be the largest gaming tournaments & events organizer for all popular PC games – where players can join the brawl and reap exclusive rewards consisting of cash prizes, PC gear, apparel & much more! We want to add real value to your gaming experience.

We are creating a community for all eSports enthusiasts around the world to connect, make priceless memories & long-lasting friendships. 


The days of spending countless hours gaming and winning nothing are over! eSports Gateway is a professional tournament-hosting organization that rewards players for playing their favorite games. Climb up our Hall of Heroes and earn cash, gaming gear and more! 

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Tshirt quality is good. Washed them 2 times already and still in top shape. Would recommend


Very good value for money. Good quality and affordable price. 

I got the AFK tshirt and the Mythical mug because I play WoW, it’s my favorite Sunday combo!!


Bought the Gamer hoodie for my boyfriend, it’s perfect for him! It’s soft and comfortable.

I’m buying me one too at my next paycheck lol


My husband goes running in the 25 movement speed shoes haha i laugh every time what a great idea


Got my order in 3 days. One of the mugs got damaged in transport, but they sent me a new one. All good